A bold new future.



What we envision we create. Reality will be adjusted. Order shall be restored. Peace and abundance will become available to all people in all lands of this blue world.

The concept of “business” as commercial enterprise will come to be outmoded as evolved cooperative practices replace competition and profit motives. Humans will all live in equality and prosperity without a need for money and the traditional systems designed to exploit human time and labour as employment and work in the pursuit of profit or capital gain for a few.

Existing social power structures and institutions which create and maintain inequity and inherent social injustice will be made redundant. Banking will cease. Interest charges will have no meaning and will be regarded as unethical practice. All people will be housed safely and securely in new model low density communities following a village model and favouring social cohesion, inclusion, and belonging. Homelessness and other social injustice will become unknown. Welfare state and charitable / non government organisations will cease to function in their present form. A society which avoids social inequity in the first instance has no need of such systems which are only an adjunct to counter the failings of current capital market based social systems.

Crime and criminal activity will become negligible.

Politics will be abandoned as a hegemonic authoritarian, primitive and obsolete farce and a false discourse. Religion as dogma and doctrine of control will cease as humanity shifts to new evolved spiritual connections with universal spirit and prime creator which truly fulfill the soul.

Notions of “success” will reset to inner goals instead of false social material constructs such as social status and class. Personal happiness will be a measure of success. The concept of self actualisation through creativity, independence, spontaneity will be acknowledged as a prime principle of the new social order.

The young will be free to follow their creative hearts without being socially compelled to ‘earn a living’ and paying bills. All ages will have such freedom if they so desire also. A free and creative society will naturally incubate new generations of free thinkers, and creative visionaries.

A new world awaits.

We are the visionaries and messengers who see beyond the extant worldly paradigms of constraint, control, and fear. We acknowledge that practical solutions and alternate systems will become apparent in time as a shift in consciousness takes precedence globally in due course. Current human attempts to alter the course of humanity away from imminent cataclysm are misguided, piecemeal, inept, inadequate, and ineffectual.

Stop debating. Stop fighting. End partisan politics. These are pointless exercises in futility. False dichotomy’s have ensured the continued and perpetual false division of humans which is illusory and not conducive to human unity and peaceful mutually cooperative outcomes.

War is a liar. Extinguish it. Eliminate it. Evolve from it.

Come together now in global unity. New ways of organising a human social order of Light will become apparent in time. These new ways will be willingly implemented world-wide, without needless obfuscations in debate and time-wasting, in a spirit of cooperation and Universal Love which becomes the overarching guiding principle of the new human society.

Paths will appear. Guides will assist. Faith is required.

Awaken now to the deceptions and lies of the world as it stands.  Understand that time is limited.  Understand that current political systems, world leaders, organisations, science, religions, and all other institutions do not have sound credible solutions.

Awaken and this world will unfold and a new era shall begin.

It is possible and we will make it happen.

The Forgotten Room

A Short Story for My Son, Jackson



Have you ever had one of those moments where you walk into a room for a reason, and then when you get there you’ve forgotten why?

Today I was out with my 12 year old diagnosed autistic son Jackson (or just ‘Jack’ as he prefers). I take exception to that ‘diagnosis’, but then that’s another story. We had just enjoyed a glorious Spring day in the sun riding our bikes by the river. I had been away for some weeks and only been back in town a week or so. We had some serious father-son catch up time to do – and this was a very special day for us both (in more ways than one).

As often happens, he asked me something profound, apropos to life and death, quite out of the deep blue sky. If ever there was a ‘Jack’, he sure is one -straight down the line like an arrow and tall and slim. He will be a heart-breaker that boy, and hopefully a good basket-baller.

Now this particular topic is big and important to Jack these past few months: death and going to heaven, or, plainly: mortality.

Actually, it’s just a big topic right there – for us all.

“I’ll be sad when you die Dad.“ he says out of nowhere, as we’re driving home.

I paused and re-focussed my thoughts from whatever was in my head, at that moment. I decided to tell him the following little story I invented as I drove the car.

It’s a “forgotten room” story.

Here is that story, with some slight detail added in the writing of it.

The Story

“Imagine a room” – I begin.

okay Dad, I’m imagining.

Now imagine you have just come through a doorway into that room.


The room is full of mystery and wonder. There are many things to play with and many things to learn, and so very much to do.

Sounds like fun Dad!

It’s a very, very BIG room – as you soon discover. As you move forward on into the room you make your way around many strange and unfamiliar obstacles. You meet some people as you walk on. Some are your family, some are strangers, some become your friends, and some you may even fall in love with!

Yuck Dad!

Before you know it you are doing everything that the others seem to be doing in the room. Some will tell you things and some will be good and some will be bad. You need to be careful in this room, you soon learn.

Yep, I will be – I’m always a good boy Dad!


Anyhow…listen up boy…

The room seems endless! You realise you’ve been in it for what seems to be a great big long time and you might even think that all that is, and all there ever was, is in this room. But you know there are little twinkling lights up above in that far away darkness, and sometimes you see – the man in the Moon!

Yep, I’ve seen him Dad! Is the moon made of cheese?


Some people in the room even taught you songs and rhymes about these things. You look up at this thing everyone in the room calls “The Sky” – and you wonder endlessly about that.

Yeah I LOVE looking at the sky with you Dad!

You spend sunny days with someone special gazing up watching clouds pass in front of it and you day-dream of far away wonders which fire your imagination. Your heart may suddenly pound faster. You might even want to hold her hand, and find yourself telling her you love her! She will also say with a smile, “I love you too – with all my heart Jack – to the moon and back!”

Yuck! Hey! Mum says that to me! I like that when Mum says it.

But what you don’t realise is that the room isn’t really that big after all – it’s really just a bit of a fancy trick. The room is actually very, very tiny but cram packed with all these wonders and mysteries! Some you will discover and understand. Others will always be hidden. For that is the way of this room.

That’s a bit weird, Dad.

One day, after a while, and as you wander around the room (sometimes aimlessly and a bit lost), you begin to sense with your eyes… something in the far distance. But it seems very dark down that end of the room, a little bit scary even! At first you are very frightened. But you realise by now that it’s the way you have to go. There is no way to go back. From what you can work out, you realise that maybe, just maybe, there is…A DOOR down there!

Wow! Another door! Cool!

But this door is a little different. Though you can’t really even rememberer the door you came in through now anyhow. It’s a distant memory.

Yeah I forgot about that door already, Dad.


This door has a small ‘exit’ sign above (just like the ones at school) and you know that this is the way you need to go.

Yep, my teacher told me about that!

The room has been very interesting and you have learned so much in this room.

Faces have come and gone, you’ve been in love and you’ve had your heart broken. At times you got lost and had no idea where in the room you were and you felt very alone and frightened. Quite an experience you could say!

Whatever, Dad.

Now, you never knew it, but someone has been watching you very closely as you worked your way through this little room. They hoped with all their might that you may make it to the other side of the room and find that other doorway. You have actually been helped a little along the way by this secret one who watches you, and who always cared deeply about you, and who has always loved you unconditionally. You know in your heart that this has been the case. Suddenly everything starts to make sense and you feel drawn to this dark mysterious door that you now do not fear.

Okay Dad if you say so. What’s ‘uncondishilly’?

Tell you after this. Listen up.

You walk on, slower now, you’re a little tired by this time, and you feel that the room has given you all it has to offer. You feel at peace and all your fear is gone completely.

You approach this new door.

You turn and see friends and family and familiar faces back in the darkness. As now you realise that, what at first seemed dark, is now light and the other end from where you came seems dim and dark and far away. You cannot see that door.

You stand now before this new door. Still a little hesitant. But that soon fades and it’s as if someone is lifting your hand to turn the handle – and you are happy to do so. You feel in your heart, want to go through this door.

The door opens!


MAGIC appears! Now you see it! Your eyes are wide and you cannot quite yet understand what you are seeing and for a moment you feel very, very frightened. But soon you feel no fear at all. You begin to shine brightly from inside you.

Light brighter than you have ever experienced in the old room comes washing over you also, and you feel it’s goodness. It’s warm and glowing and you feel your heart fill with the brightest light, love, and happiness.

You feel it deeply within you to your core – deeply in your soul.

You notice that you feel lighter. You go to take a step through the door and you don’t feel your feet but still you move forward. It’s like being in space! Floating now through the door as if some wondrous magic has taken you over. You ARE light.

Wow! Just like an astronaut, Dad!

Yep, just like an astronaut.

As you float now, you feel yourself being almost pulled through the new door, as if into the arms of a loving parent. There is a warmth. It feels safe and you feel no fear. In fact you feel love.- and a little dizzy!

You realise, with a big smile, and to your utter astonishment, that – it IS your parent!

It’s YOU, Dad!

Yep. It is me. I say softly.

I tell you it’s good to see you Jack and how I’ve been waiting for you and how I’ve been watching you in that old room. I tell you it was me guiding you and helping you up when you fell or lost your way. It was me who helped you mend that broken heart – oh but how I wept sometimes as I helped you from here, beyond that old room. Sometimes I laughed too! As I watched you rise and fall and live your life. I watched you dream, and I knew those dreams.

I cried for you when you were frightened and worried, but still I whispered to you and gave you little signs that I was there. My gaze never left you Jack. I tell you that I know how you often wondered at times but were never certain. You smile with a twinkle as you now recognise those moments were just me – your old Dad!

I never left your side my boy – I just got to that other new door a bit sooner than you, and so I had to move on. I am sorry, I tell you, but that is the way.

You hold out your hand to shake mine and I pull you into me, as I always did, to give you a great big Dad Hug, and rough up your hair – and we each feel a wondrous glow inside and such a feeling of pure love surrounds us. It is a truly wonderful moment of essential joy. Everything now is clear. Everything now is pure light.

I tell you that now we will be together forever, and you smile and a I see a tear of happiness. I also shed a momentary tear – of utter joy.

We each turn, and stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Father beside son.

I cannot help but notice how your shoulder is a little higher than mine. I smile to myself. The old room now just a faded dream, as we walk on together.

You trust me, as I am your father. We step forward. My hand upon your shoulder.

I tell you that it’s all ok and now you are safe and never ever have to worry about those things you experienced in that old room. We will meet up with old friends here in this new place, and even Nan and Pop are here! We shall meet them soon and they are doing so well, I tell you.

What about Mum’s friend Bob? He was nice Dad!

Yep he’s here and happy.


What about your friend Cheryl, Dad? I liked her too.

Yep she’s here too my boy, you will meet them all very, very soon. I watch closely over all my friends and guide them also.

From this moment on we will be together forever and throughout eternity. So now you don’t need to worry about losing me ever again. That was just a test you only have to do once.

Awesome! I hate tests Dad!

Me too.

We now have all eternity to explore the wonders of the whole universe! I tell you of some of the amazing things that I have seen, and you look at me with eyes wide in awe. I tell you that this is just the beginning.

Come now Jack, walk with me, Take my hand, I’ll show you.

Our adventure has only just begun.

Forever lays ahead. Together once more. For all eternity!

There are stars all around us and more colours than the rainbow we once knew. Magic and mystery to dazzle us in every direction. This is our destiny Jack. We are filled with light.

We turn to each other and smile, and you shake my hand and say,

Lets go Dad! I love you!

And I too,

Love You My Son.

The End…and…The Beginning…

On “performance-enhancing drugs” in sport.

I recall years ago an interview with a respected ethicist (who’s name does escape me), who was being sought for his expert opinion on some “sports drugs issue” or other of the day.

He surprised everyone by saying that in his considered estimation, as someone who has a deep understanding of ethics, he could see no ethical reason for performance enhancing drugs to NOT be permitted within professional sports.

I know this will confound many people.

I agreed with him then and I still do.

The world’s biggest psychology experiment.

I can’t help this fascination with the whole flat earth thing and I’m not sorry. It raises so many really good questions about just about EVERYTHING – and for that it is FUCKING BRILLIANT.

What is emerging is the stubbornness, anger and hate of those who are threatened by it.

It is VERY revealing about the nature of humans.

Watch and learn.

Flat Earth and the rise of subversive, revolutionary thought.

Flat Earth and the rise of subversive, revolutionary thought.
People are dismissive of what does not fit their paradigm. Their cherished world-view. That which is “just obvious”. They are too quick and eager to mock the ‘flat earth’ discussion. They have not investigated the deeper issues. They have not thought hard enough. I know many will jump on this statement now before they have even thought about it. Quick incredulous, smug, self-satisfied smirking humans who already know everything. That’s the real problem. Not those who dare to question.
Forget “turtles holding up the disk” type caricatures, get the first wave of disbelief out of your system.
Ponder now on the very fundamental nature of the questions that it asks.
Regardless of your assumed knowledge, the truth is we humans know very little of this the place we find ourselves and that which we call “existence”.
The rise of materialism as a philosophy and it’s domination of western thought has now permeated science and most other fields of human endeavour (economics, education, politics, law, daily life, and “common sense”, and so on). It has produced a modern human being who is either quite simple and ignorant of metaphysical and deeper ideas, or else a kind of human who are ruthless in their unwavering devotion to their masters and the “knowledge” handed to them. This is indoctrination at work. Those so indoctrinated do not ever know it or believe it and assume that everyone else who does not hold their beliefs to be mad or troublemakers of some kind.
It is THIS distortion of human thinking, away from spirit, away from wonder and openness, away from humility and away from love – which fills me with a dread of my fellow beings and the state of the species.
Understand this: this ‘flat earth’ issue has come about for a reason at this time in our history. What is required here and now is a fundamental reassessment and deconstruction of the very pillars of the modern human world and the misguided ways which have produced it and feed it.
Awaken to what may be. Not what you assume. I do not suggest the earth is flat. I say I do not know and am open to what may be. I trust MY mind and MY senses first and place my trust in men and their dogmatic notions secondary and regard with discernment and vigilance.
I think critically and do not run with the herd.
This is what I admire about those who now have the courage to raise questions, and who have scrutinised and now come to disbelieve much of the science which has been handed to us.
If you can do this simple thing you will have made an evolutionary step.
Think hard.

Best ideas huh? Yeah more science hate speech. Shoot me.

Best ideas? Really? Do gods do science? Yes we FEEL a force and you ASSUME it to be a ‘fact’ within the limits of what our senses inform our minds. Notions of objective or ultimate ‘truth’ are not possible logically at this point if ever. How humans then devise metrics for ‘measurement’ is arbitrary and subjective. Mathematics itself could have been base 12 and everything would be described with different math, and the units themselves could have been any other unit agreed upon (eg inches and meters are just made up as agreed). Scientific dating methods are flawed and inaccurate yet you will tell me about the “truth” of this and that period and when dinosaurs became extinct because its a “fact”. Seriously? Even the very thing measured specifically must be somehow identified and agreed upon as a thing worthy of study, funding dollars, and have broad social acceptance within the science community or else fear mockery, ridicule, and no funds forthcoming (and no career after that).

Research departments at universities must seek approval of what authorities deem “acceptable fields of study”. So-called prestigious (read: “conservative”) journals only publish what they decided is “legitimate science”. Arrogantly referred to as “pseudoscience” subjects get shunned because why? Because of arrogant boys club snobbery essentially. All of this process is political, flawed, and highly subjective by default. It is all subject to a consensus of agreement by the powers that be within the field (and outside of it too).

Back to your ASSUMPTION that gravity “attracts” other matter because here on Earth we tend to stick to the ground somehow. Again it is humans (scientists) who have merely favoured a dominant form of peer group consensus agreement that they shall hold up to explain this ‘sticking” and call it the “Force of Gravity” and then subsequently maths-obsessed materialists are writing ‘code’ which they self-righteously BELIEVE actually describes the thing we observe or feel in nature. Nobody can PROVE that gravity is what acts on bodies in space such as stars and planets and galaxies. In fact it appears NOT to be (empirical evidence). Thus we get silliness like “dark matter” (magic stuff we cannot see nor explain) which now allegedly makes up most of the universe because “Gravity retard!”. Ridiculous, and reminds me of the “Big Bang” miraculous conception. It is ALL a made up system of assumption and guesswork, yes some empirical observation and testing, but then always the Grand Indisputable Theory, the Code (equations) which allegedly “prove” the theory – gotta have those numbers and figures because they prove stuff don’t they. In short Horseshit.

The Horseshit is the best baloney we have which seems to fit our observations but does not necessarily represent any actual form of truth about the nature of existence and reality. For example, science cannot describe what “time” is nor what “space” is. No NOT equations! I mean something that gives humans some true insight and a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of what this experience of reality actually is.

We humans as a species are thus essentially none the wiser but feel clever with all our little best bits of Horseshit and baloney which we convince ourselves describe some little aspects of realty for the time being. It is a system of BELIEF as great as religion. Do not ever presume that with your science you now hold the rights to some objective or ultimate truths …because Science!. Scientists themselves know this. It is only in the general lay community, among over-enthusiastic undergraduates, and the mainstream media, who put too much faith in pop science propaganda and scientism. It’s high priests peddle this false notion of scientific “truth”, namely, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krause, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye etc.

It is time to wise up. It’s not about “Flatards” vitriol and hate (expressions of cognitive dissonance) and dogmatic belief. It is about getting back to truth and open minds. I await your hate and vitriol. Some open minded people will read this and actually ponder it and think.

More science hate speech

People talk as if science were this pure thing – always noble, and performed by the upper echelon of earth-bound angels in spotless white coats. May I be permitted to break the illusion? Well, Santa Clause is a made up story, NASA faked the Moon landing, and science is bedevilled by the usual suspects which afflict most human endeavour. Anybody asking for empirical evidence may wish to consider the point at which corporate interest, profit, and the forces of the market economy of the West began to dominate every other facet of human existence. Science was not immune. Now that the faithful disciples of scientism have got a hold of the thing we once knew as “Science”, it was always heading for demotion to a second-rate form of entertainment and tool of the cabal.

The Materialists are taking over the world.

Analysis of most of what currently passes for human “knowledge” reveals that systems of materialistic philosophy and belief are being imposed by powerful elite minorities as the prevailing and only accepted ways of knowing. They who have become gatekeepers of the human perception of reality.  This “knowledge” has no objectivity, balance, or foundation in broader notions of truth.

Materialistic philosophy was adapted into political ideology and socio-economic theory. It has extended globally over the past 100 years or so.  It now reaches an apex, at the expense and demise of the worthy tradition of the scientific method, and the legacy of history’s great and honourable empiricists,  as science sadly now morphs into a quasi-religion as the second-rate distortion called “scientism”.

Materialism, with its priests and disciples ensure that orthodox scientific theory and belief is held supremely and arrogantly authoritative above all other ways humans could just as legitimately attempt to understand existence.  Children learn in schools still modelled on formal nineteenth century factory systems of discipline, management hierarchies, “class”, and schedule. They learn that certain axiomatic “facts” are “truths”. They learn restricted government endorsed curricula. They are taught early that logic and reason form the only truly valid way of understanding an ‘obviously’ material reality.  Mathematics is useful to a point but tends to be over-emphasised.  It is routinely trotted out as some kind of meaningless description of the universe and everything in it. The needs and requirements of business are taking over in education.  In universities vocational subjects and aptitude is prioritised over general knowledge, of arts, and humanities.  They don’t rate because they don’t turn a profit.  Research grants and funding is competition based and so scientific research itself is restricted and influenced now by money and power.  People generally have come to be indoctrinated to the extent that they can imagine no other possible view point.  They display incredulity at alternatives (which they arrogantly and derisively term “pseudo-science”). They will defend their cherished materialistic paradigms forcefully and often akin to quasi-religious fervour.  They judge that anyone talking about alternative ideas, or criticising the orthodox is not right in the head.  Finally, independent organised sceptics and sceptical societies and organisations have arisen which take it upon themselves to be arbiters of truth – so long as it is scientific, rational and is in accordance to their dominant world views.  An air of dangerous self-righteousness and arrogance pervades in these circles to a worrying level.  Ironically,  it would appear to be the case now that unorthodox thinkers are actively and openly more likely to embody the true spirit of the open-minded truth seeker (scientist), than the iron-clad rigidity of the sceptics and the faithful believers of orthodoxy.

Historically came a systematic attack on spiritualism and the natural human quest for existential understanding and deeper insight into the mystic. It has been implemented through a programmed association of the spiritual and the numinous with false religion and its literal narratives and dogmas.  Ironically aligned with materialism, this false religion has a narrow focus and a hierarchical command structure which creates “followers” and leads people away from freedom of spiritual knowledge and into webs of social coercion and mind control.  This attack was destructive to Christian and other revelations also –  which hold spiritually valid truths and wisdom.

Materialism gained momentum. Throughout the twentieth century the capitalist laissez-faire economic system expanded and began to dominate western nations. Business and management structures (small and large) evolved along traditional compartmental and hierarchical models which had proven to be successful methods of achieving compliance and obedience in workers on wages – and which amounted to exploitation of human beings (now called coldly “Human Resources” in the lingo of the neoliberals).  Government (an elite ruling class) obviously backed this shift into social control and profits, and took on an increasingly tyrannical role under the guise of a caring  and inclusive “democratic process”, with appeals to “nationalism” (fear of the “Other” across the border), and the grand lie of the moral sanctity of the “rule of law”- nothing more than an imaginary justification for tyrannical authority based on the concept of ‘legal fiction’ – essentially bluff, and lies and to extort and control people.  Armed police and allied military forces became distortions of their original public service intention as they began to wilfully follow chains of command directives to enforce obedience to the contrived and manufactured immoral “legislation” being churned by government hacks (not true law).  The people became gradually trapped within virtual prison walls of the systems being imposed upon them.  Most did not and still do not see the system that now enslaves them.  They believed in the good of democracy and had faith in their “leaders”. They had been conned badly by criminals in suits peddling snake oil and policy.

The result now is a world deeply mired in the precepts of materialism. A world where the spiritual connection to the Soul is thoroughly devalued if not ignored completely by people struggling to live in societies which operate solely on materialistic concepts and values.  These civil foundations now include the dubious ideological and practical domination of public policy by corporations, and the extremely rich; the worship of economic rationalism, and economies based on market principles of neoliberal capitalism and globalised corporatism.  Such a basis is violently incompatible with sound ecological values, practices, and requirements, and corrosive to essential human values of love and the desire for meaningful expression and fulfilment of the self and the positive development of community.  Additionally, there is a widespread and growing materialistic disdain for heretics with the audacity to question the ethics of profit and exploitation at all costs,  who hold any radically alternative ideas and paradigms as their truth and as those who dare to question scientific dogma and orthodoxy, and so too those who hold any notions of ‘god’ as a truth in their hearts (often scornfully lumped together as “theists” – god cannot be scientific!).

A dangerously conceited narrow attitude is now on the rise which holds that a material mechanistic scientific investigation is the best way we have of understanding existence, and that it’s knowledge gained is naturally more valid than any other.  With it seems an assumption that science and a material understanding of everything  can ultimately come to know everything about reality and espouse ultimate truths or ‘laws’ of reality,.  So too is an attitude prevalent that opponents to it’s laws and doctrines are basically heretics and lunatics and not to be given credence nor credit.

Dangerous times and time to Awaken.

where are the thinkers?

And I look about and I ask myself where are all these so-called thinkers, the mavericks, the intellectual elites, the avant garde of the highest echelon of the expression of human consciousness? Why are they not now coming to the fore and saying ‘Here, this is the way forward!”? They are weak. They are beholden to tenure and promotion and nested paradigms. They make me sick.

The “scientific mind”

The “scientific mind” is the inquiring mind which never ceases to deconstruct at every turn.

Where science is taking a wrong turn now is in it’s misguided application of this principle.

It deconstructs the material world in an endless futility of reduction-ism, rather than deconstructing and examining critically it’s own assumptions and expectations at every turn.

It is breaking apart the wrong stuff.

It gets worse before it gets better

Yes things will get worse. They have to. Humans are not motivated to change until a certain threshold of discomfort or negative reward is reached. For populations, this change threshold must affect a critical mass for synergy to take effect in which that population then begins a process of widespread acceptance and adoption of that change element.

Looked upon in this way we can appreciate the requirement that things must get worse and in so doing become themselves the very motivators for the change to begin. Put another way, we WANT things to now get worse in order that it then becomes the CAUSE of the desired change. It seems counter intuitive to many but it must be realised and appreciated by the awakened community. Our work is to be catalysts of the change in the directions that are desirable by seeding now the elementary and fundamental concepts of new paradigms which will eventually blossom as the tide of humanity begins the shift.

By the “awakening” of a critical mass of population an equal and opposing force is created which begins to “push back against” the extant prevailing dysfunctional social order and culture. Given that a corresponding rise toward a critical mass of a significant number of “dissatisfied” and “non-rewarded” (although still “unawakened”) population is occurring simultaneously, then the two forces begin to merge cooperatively in a synergistic harmonic resonance toward mutually desirable goals. This is human consciousness evolution in effect. This process obviously takes some time to transpire, which is obviously subject to variables, but with current averaged human cognitive abilities and other environmental and cultural factors accounted for, completion of the desired evolutionary shift will occur in relatively short time scales.

why I can’t stand science

Some wonder why I attack science endlessly. I will tell you. Take art for example. It is a supremely innate inbuilt quality of being human and the expression of experience we find ourselves upon in this realm – yet art has no over aching dogma or doctrine and never claimed to hold any truths about nature or the universe. artists wonder perhaps as much if not more about reality and how it all works and why – than anybody. they do not take the approach of breaking nature apart or measuring it’s components and forming opinion that get’s tuned into ‘laws’. art and artists have retained the free spirit and wonder of the child and never have forced their one view upon the rest.