About this site

I’m amark-1111-002n Australian photographer and artist with a varied education and professional background. I’ve reached a point in life where I find I’ve got some ideas and opinions and I’m not afraid to cast them to the world.

This is simply, a quiet place away from the bustle of Facebook (which I do use with frightening regularity) and elsewhere, where I can throw my musings of various kinds to the winds and the universe.

I’ll put stuff here which I want to have some lasting dignity.

I make images as a photographic artist and designer and I write what’s within me as a thinker of philosophy, and with a poets sensibility and with a novelists ambition. Make of it what you will.

I should add, that this isn’t a business or commercial site. I’m not looking for work here.  My photo images are on Flickr (I’m ‘ambientlight’ over there)

I am grateful for your interest and time, and thanks to all who pass by here. Let’s dare to dream.

Peace and Love

Mark James Gaylard

Melbourne. Feb 2018


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